Pink Magnetic Clasp 11 mm
Pink Magnetic Clasp 11 mm
Pink Magnetic Clasp 11 mm
Pink Magnetic Clasp 11 mm

Pink Magnetic Clasp 11 mm


Pink Magnetic clasp for bracelet


Ultra Light Interchangeable Magnetic Clasp Patented and Made in France by Hiilos

Nickel Free! Cadmium Free! Lead Free !

Choose your favorite color and Mix your Links

Available in 7 Finishes including Gold and rhodium and 5 Very Trendy Colors


Can be used with all 11 mm Hiilos Interchangeable Links


Made by Hiilos

This lightweight Magnetic Clasp has been patented by Hiilos.

This product is the fruit of a long work. Fully designed and manufactured in France this Interchangeable Clasp will let you slide and remove all the links you love. The magnet is aesthetically camouflaged inside the Clasp.

With Our Clasp, make an infinity of Bracelets all more Original than each other.

No one will have the same as you!

Available in precious metal version 24K Yellow Gold or Rhodium as well as in the following 5 colors : Black, Blue, Pink, Green and Yellow.

Compatible with all 11 mm Hiilos interchangeable links.

This Cadmium, Lead and Nickel Free Clasp is made with Polyester and ABS/PC.


Tips for keeping your clasp in good conditions :

Avoid putting it under water for oxidation reasons

To Clean: First, blow away any dust to prevent scratching the coating and clean with a soft cotton. Do not put chemicals on the clasps. Soapy water may be used in case of heavy soiling.


NB: For DIY practice

The clasps should be purchased with tubes

To be able to use the clasps you will need the Hiilos Tubes to attach to each end of your bracelet. These are then used to slide into the clasp

Tubes are available here by packs of 2, 10 or 50 units


Caution, for this size of clasp, the magnet is small and it should be avoided to associate it with strands too much rigid (rigid leathers, ...) that would require a higher power of magnet.

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